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Indian Cooking Class – 5 Hours

In this class, you will learn to cook the following Indian dishes:

Indian Cooking Class – 5 Hours

2 sweet dishes like kheer, halwa.
4 Snacks like pakodas with different fillings, samosa.
Chutneys (dips) for eating with snacks and a few other food items.
2-3 pulses (lentils) vegetable curry and dishes.
Rice pulao (A boiled rice dish).
Indian breads like Paranthas (stuffed and fried breads) and roti.
1 drink Lassi (Sweet, Salty or flavoured).
Masala Chai (Indian Tea).
Raita (a popular side dish made with yoghurt, salad and various other ingredients)
Average duration : 5 hours cooking class with chef
Free Gift: A gift hamper for each guest containing 5 essential spices and other ingredients of any Indian kitchen chosen personally by your cooking instructor.
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