10 Reasons to Spend Two Weeks in India – Robert J. Richey


India may be the most colorful country in the world. Textile shops, pedal-rickshaws, spice markets, flowers, lakes, and Tequila Sunrise mornings paint the backdrop for unmatched photographic diversity. India’s people are just as colorful as their home and normally accommodate the wannabe photojournalist with sometimes fun and often serious poses. Photo opportunities are everywhere in India; however, while in Delhi try Delhi Photo Tour an excellent resource for a behind the scenes look at a city with no shortage of hidden gems.
from Delhi Night Market http://www.robertjrichey.com/2016/10/21/10-reasons-two-weeks-india/
Forget everything you’ve seen in the movies—to understand India and her quirks, irks, and ceaseless cacophony requires a visit.


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